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Chikka Putta | paintings from the film by students of Sita School

Self Portrait_GirlGardening 01Gardening 02RunningDigging in the GardenKarate FightThe Band 02Teacher and Students 01


Skreen Films Presents: Bhairav

Bhairav Poster small

Youth of today are considered removed from the Indian Classical Tradition. ‘Bhairav’ challenges this generalization and celebrates the power of music over everything else.  No mind is more vulnerable than when it is in the state of ecstasy – Love. The film is about a teenager who takes a chanced step and is embraced by the unexpected.

Abhijit Patil, Pune, 1st January 2013

Bhairav 00 Bhairav 01 Bhairav 02

For You and Me | Stills from the Film

Concept and Direction: Tanushree Das | Cinematography and Edit: Saumyananda Sahi | Sound: Vinit D’Souza | Text Motion: Suman Roymahapatra

HD | Fiction | Colour | 11 mins 37 seconds

For You and Me

For You and Me Poster

When there is physical separation, minds tend to draw closer. Dreams build Scapes where you meet with me.

Separation of the body is an inescapable reality. It builds new realities where the Present becomes the Glass. Where the Present become the Mirror. Where the Present becomes the Past. Where the Present becomes the Future.

Where the Present becomes.

Without the present there is no reality of yearning. Without this mind and this meeting there is no existence.

What do you do to meet across several thousand kilometers? What do you do to make those several thousand kilometers meet? What do you do when communication is not enough? When connect is elsewhere. Missed, missed like the person who is away!

You connect in Dreams. You connect in mindless wordplay, which reveals to you the meaning of words.

Of Feelings.

Concept and Direction: Tanushree Das | Cinematography, Edit, Sound Design: Saumyananda Sahi | Sound Mix: Nithin Lukose | Text Motion: Chayaachobi

HD | Fiction | Colour | 11 mins

FLYOVER | in progress

Death at a 30 Degree Angle | In Progress

Director: Bani Abidi | Assistant Director: Kalpana Subramaniam | Cast: Danish Hussain, Jagdish | Cinematography: Saumyananda Sahi | 2nd Camera: Christopher Burchell, Sahil Bhardwaj | Gaffer: Tanushree Das | Sound: Christopher Burchell | Production: Sidharth Mathawan

Production Stills: Priya, Tanushree, Kalpana, Christopher

Production Stills | D.R.R.T | Work In Progress

Shooting Locations: Bangalore | Chikbalapur | Shrikalhasti | Thiruvanamalai
Photographs: Gowda | Tanushree
Crew: Saumyananda Sahi (Camera) | Tanushree Das (Light) | Christopher Burchell (Sound) | Gowda (Production)
Producer: D.R.R.T.