Chikka Putta | Small Things, Big Things

Chikka Putta Poster 2 SmallIf this were a letter, the return address would be:

From the students and teachers of Sita School, Silvepura, Bangalore 560090, India.

If this were a diary, it would contain entries between 5th June 2012 an 28th April 2013.

‘Chikka Putta’ is a film that verges on being both:

I return to my first school and join with the present students and teachers in their everyday adventures of learning.

Puppets become Spiderman. A killer mosquito causes global panic. Children are found in a matchbox. Pre-historic man grows a tail. Children become adults, and teachers become children.

Through the stories that unfold we enter imaginary worlds and intimate relationships. ‘Chikka Putta’ is a celebration of when Education becomes Art.

– Saumyananda Sahi

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